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Exceptional Real Estate recruitment solutions in Australia. Don't settle for any less than you deserve. 

  • Real Estate Recruitment Sydney

    39,971 real estate companies currently employ
    ​110,738 people in Australia. 

  • Real Estate Recruitment Brisbane

    Australian housing prices have increased by
    8.1% since 1960.

  • Real Estate Recruitment in Australia

    The average advertised salary in the real estate industry
    ​is $74,835.

Property & real estate recruitment in Australia is forecasted to grow by 12% from now until 2020, which is great news for jobseekers.
Thankfully, rising house prices and low interest rates over the past few years have supported this growth.

However, employers have their own challenges, mainly with retention rates. The most important aspects to applicants in this industry are security, flexibility and a sense of autonomy.
If these are not offered to workers, there’s a chance they will leave for a competitor company.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the average employee turnover rate in Property & Real Estate annually is 28.3%. So, how can this trend be reversed?

We understand the intricacies behind retaining staff and can advise our clients on the best methods.
​We also get to thoroughly understand our client companies so when we present a job opportunity to a candidate, we can tell them exactly what to expect.

Don’t let any opportunities go over your head. Browse our property & real estate jobs today or call our expert team for a chat about our recruitment services.

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