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Ben Brookfield

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Approximately 6 months ago I started reaching out to recruitment agencies in search of a new opportunity. I had a list of certain requirements as I wanted a role that I loved getting out of bed for every day and something I was passionate about. I spoke to a few agencies that unless they were attempting to push me into something that wasn't for me they were fairly unhelpful and dismissive.

As luck would have it one of the calls I made was to Denovo and I connected with Kaydn. Right from that first phone call I knew I was having a conversation with someone who was different from the others I had spoken to in the industry. Although at the time there was nothing suitable Kaydn kept in touch and a couple of months later I did receive a call about a role that Kaydn was recruiting for, unfortunately, I had applied direct as the company had gone to market prior to using a recruitment agent. Kaydn was still super helpful and excited for me at the potential of the role. I was unsuccessful in my application and once again Kaydn said I was at the top of his list.

Moving forward to 8 weeks ago I received a call from Kaydn about a role that Ben was recruiting for Men of League. Ben had returned to the office and was telling Kaydn about the role and immediately Kaydn said to Ben I have the perfect person for this role. Within 10 minutes of Ben returning to the office, Kaydn was on the phone to me. I updated my details that afternoon sent them across to Ben and within a day I had my first interview! Throughout the process over the next couple of weeks, Ben was AMAZING, I was kept updated at all times and in fact ben seemed as excited about the role for me as what I was.

Both Kaydn and Ben worked so hard for me I honestly cannot thank both of them enough or speak highly enough of them. They are a couple of ROCKSTARS in a very competitive industry. Denovo is VERY lucky to have these two guys.

Debbie Rowley
National Partnership Manager, Men of League Foundation

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