Onboarding: Creating an Inclusive Work Environment For Maximum Retention

Ever heard of the saying ‘Build it and they will come?’ Despite the visions of Kevin Costner in a baseball field, this saying is a sure-fire oldie but a goodie. For those born after 1989 (cough cough) who may have no idea of the reference, it is a pretty straightforward concept.

Onboarding is all about creating an inclusive and welcoming environment for your new employees. And it has a greater impact than you may imagine.

59% of today’s job seekers state that company culture and inclusivity impact their decision making on whether to accept a job there. In today’s job market, company culture is everything.

With the millennial generation entering the workforce, we are seeing a definitive shift in the focus from a customer-centric workforce to an employee-centric one. Companies today must shift their focus towards creating an inclusive company culture or risk high turnover of staff. Millennials are calling the shots with upwards of 22% leaving a company is the onboarding program is lacking. (Forbes).

The great thing is that onboarding can commence prior to your new employee even stepping foot into the premises. Sending a welcome email, having a drop-in day at the office to meet everyone prior to their first official day or offering a mentor on their first day as a friendly face in the crowd.

It doesn’t take much to build a successful onboarding program and to ensure your new recruits stay onboard.

At Denovo, we put our client satisfaction at the top of our priority list – both our employers and employees. We keep communication lines well and truly open, following placement and offer 3-month replacement-guarantee.

With a successful onboarding program comes a happy and integrated employee, less staff turnover and greater company culture. A win all round really!