Keeping The "Human" In Sales

More and more, technology is being used to gather crucial information in sales. From gathering background intel on consumers to automating tasks in the sales process. But with the myriad of tech options at our fingertips, is the human side of the sales process still relevant?

You bet.

And even more so than ever.

The Third Annual State of Sales Report says that 73% of the 500 B2B sales professionals surveyed this year use tech to secure more sales. 97% consider sales tech “very important” or “important”. So how many of the people interviewed are actually closing those deals?

Well it all comes down to their level of human interaction. And we are talking more than 150 characters.

Yes, we are looking at you… let’s pop down our phones and continue…

Sure, there is no doubt we can utilise the tools we have on hand, the technology and the intel to our advantage. It can be mighty useful when conducting our background research. But it has its limitations. The heart and soul of sales remains in our ability to forge human relationships with our clients.

The beauty of the human race is our ability to communicate with one another. Our interpersonal and communication skills are vital in the sales process. It is what gets our clients interested. It is what helps us cast the line and draw in the temptation to find out more.

It is what closes the deal.

The moment you lose the ability to do that, to really communicate with the person in front of you, is the day your sales career is on the downward spiral.

Let’s prioritise and work together to keep the ‘human’ in the sales process. 

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