Australia's 7 Most In-Demand Construction Roles of 2018

The demand for skilled construction professionals has surged in Australia. This need is only expected to grow, as a number of large infrastructure projects are underway across the country.

The spike in construction activity in 2017 created an environment where employers are fiercely competing for talent. They’re increasing wages and adding perks in order to attract and hold on to the industry’s best workers.

As the 2nd quarter of 2018 begins, employers are amping up their recruitment efforts to fill vacancies and bolster their projects with the most capable teams.

Below, we have listed Australia’s 7 most in-demand construction roles of this year, and share key insights on what it takes to land these jobs.


1. Project Manager

NSW Sydney - av. $160K

Experienced, well-qualified project managers are currently in short supply. With so many massive tier 2 projects to tackle, the construction industry is in need of sharp, organized professionals who have proven their mettle.

This matter of qualification is one of the main reasons there are currently so many PM vacancies. Much of the demand is for tier 2 projects and above, and most of these employers are only considering PMs who have already worked on projects of this level.

For the first half of 2018, there’s a large demand for project managers with commercial experience in Western Australia. This is also true for Queensland, as well as the Sydney/Hunter/Newcastle region of New South Wales.

In the Northern Territory, there are a number of defence and government projects taking place that will have their own need for PMs. This is thanks to a recent $2 billion investment in defence housing, commercial development, and infrastructure.

Project managers in the civil and building space are deeply needed in Tasmania too, which is bustling with construction projects. These include roadworks, erecting National Broadband Network infrastructure, and refurbishing Hobart Hospital.

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2. Project Engineer

NSW Sydney - av. $110K

The uptick in tier two projects is also creating a need for project engineers. For the first half of 2018, they’ll be in demand all across Australia. However, there are a few hotspots where the number of opportunities is especially high.

NSW led the country in its number of engineering vacancies by the end of 2017’s third quarter. The state has a significant number of civil infrastructure projects rolling out, such as construction of the NorthConnex Tunnel and the Western Sydney Airport. South Australia and Tasmania also have a number of projects where PEs will need to be hired on.


3. Foreperson

NSW Sydney - av. $107K

Forepersons of all types are required for construction projects throughout the country, particularly in NSW and ACT.

Sydney’s growth in civil projects has prompted a need for forepersons with experience in this sector. Additionally, the city’s many ambitious multi-residential developments have created a demand for structures and finishes forepersons who have previously worked on high-rise apartments. In ACT, fit-out forepersons in particular are needed to handle the large number of planned refurbishments.


4. Site Manager

NSW Sydney - av. $140K

Sydney is experiencing an extreme shortage of site managers thanks to its many large-scale endeavors. Senior site managers who have experience working on big projects are especially in demand.

In Queensland, Brisbane and the Gold Coast are hurting for site managers to assist with a wave of commercial projects. Meanwhile, in NT, defence projects like the Darwin Ship Lift and the Larrakeyah Barracks Redevelopment are driving a need for site managers as well.

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5. Estimator

NSW Sydney - av. $140K

There’s an extreme demand for construction estimators in NSW, predominantly in Sydney. Here, they’re being sought to price a variety of large commercial and residential projects.

Not too long ago in South Australia, a large portion of the state’s local estimators moved away, attracted to the construction activity in other regions. While demand was low in SA at this time, the repercussions of this exodus are being felt now that the state is seeing a new swell of construction. Skilled estimators from other territories can find great opportunities here if they’re willing to relocate.

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6. Contract Administrator

NSW Sydney - av. $105K

Contract administrators are in great demand throughout Australia. In Sydney, office renovations and the Barangaroo development are in need of fit-out contract administrators. CAs and senior CAs with residential and commercial work under their belts are being sought in the Hunter and Newcastle areas of NSW, as well as many places in NT and SA.

ACT is dealing with a severe shortage of contract administrators as it faces major projects like the Canberra Light Rail. In Queensland, employers are on the lookout for commercial-experienced contract administrators who have QS or BSc qualifications.

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7. Skilled Tradesperson

NSW Sydney - av. $100K

Skilled trade professionals are in short supply these days. That’s because there haven’t been enough apprentices and trainees coming in to replace the trade veterans who retire or leave the industry. This has left a big hole in the labour market, one that existing tradespersons can leverage to find quality opportunities.

Tasmania’s commercial building boom and the influx of infrastructure projects in NSW are prime job-hunting grounds for tradespeople. Currently, some of the most sought-after trades include plumbers, bricklayers, stonemasons, tilers, glaziers, and concreters.


Are your construction skills in demand?

This year, construction is set to play a pivotal role in Australia’s economy. The spike in building projects has produced a landscape where professionals with the right skills have the power to pick and choose among the most appealing positions.

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