30 tools to fire up your sales team's productivity

Increasing the sales productivity of your team is naturally a priority for you as a leader. In the good old days the approach was simply to increase active selling time by increasing time on the road/phone, and to an extent this still rings true today. However rather than expecting the team to put in long hours which often leads to burnout and turnover, instead focus on increasing the % of active selling time. You want them to work smarter, not harder.

This is where sales effectiveness - your team’s ability to win at each stage of the buying process - becomes important. To achieve sales effectiveness you need to give your people the tools and insight they need to accomplish the task. Including investing in a sales CRM and prospecting tools, using data wisely, enabling ease of collaboration & lead sharing and alerts/triggers to maintain sales activity.

The good news is that there are plenty of apps and tools out there that can help your team stay on task and maintain sales productivity. And we’ve done the leg work for you. We’ve collated a list of the 30 top sales tools at your disposal so you can maximise your time and focus on the important stuff - closing deals.



Leads don’t call themselves! The phone is the most important tool a sales person has. Spending large amounts of time using tools and researching prospects is common when you have a fear of picking up the phone. Be conscious of this to ensure tools or software are used to enhance sales effectiveness, not delay it.

Use it to…

Stay in regular contact with customers and call prospects to get those all important first meets.




Mailchimp allows for the automation of email campaigns for your sales team. It has great reporting and analysis features with free accounts available. Mailchimp also offers a variety of templates that are easy to use.

Use it to…

Send lead nurturing campaigns to leads to move them along the sales funnel. Great for startups and small businesses with a limited marketing function.



Marketo is full of features that make it one of the leaders in the email automation realm. It has email automation abilities, landing page creation tools, even the ability to gather leads based on pre set parameters. It also offers easy integration with leading CRM softwares.

Use it to…

Integrate with your Sales CRM so your sales people can see which email campaigns a lead has interacted with so they can have a more productive and informed call.



Mailshake is a cold email outreach software that helps you to automate this process. With templates and tools that help to create, manage and automate the process.

Use it to…

Take the pain out of cold email lead generation using templates and follow up functions to speed up the process.



Boomerang is a Google Chrome plugin that allows you to schedule when you send and receive emails. It also offers features such as scheduling recurring emails and adding read receipts.

Use it to…

Draft and schedule follow up emails in advance and be reminded if someone doesn’t get back to you.

Team & Sales Collaboration


Exponea is a Customer Data Platform that collects and unifies data from all customer touchpoints into a unified Single Customer View and utilizes this data to help e-commerce businesses to convert and retain customers by acting on customer signals with the right message at the perfect time through the preferred channel. 

Exponea was built from the ground up (i.e. no acquisitions) which allows for seamless interactions between our universal source of customer data and the campaign execution capabilities. As a result, we are able to deliver customer experiences that are not only personalized, but also relevant."



Hoopla’s platform allows you to pull performance data from your sales systems and display it on a big screen TV or mobile device. It enables you to take the leaderboard to the big screen, helping to improve motivation and engagement through contests, KPI tracking, challenges, etc.

Use it to…

Keep the way you track and share success fresh and improve engagement in your sales team.

Google Docs


Google Docs is a free, web-based software which allows you to create, edit, save, store and share documents online. You can also upload most common file types and begin working on them online. Google Docs allows for files to be accessed by anyone and any computer with permission and connection to the internet. It is great for a team as they are able to work on a document at the same time in one place.

Use it to…

Collaborate with colleagues on living documents without losing version control e.g. sales pitches, capability statements, processes etc



Trello is a project management app in which you create visual boards, lists and tasks to manage project activities. It allows for the organisation of tasks into lists, segments, or even delegated to certain people. The drag and drop functionality and availability across all devices makes it great for team collaboration.

Use it to…

Move prospects through the sales funnel if you lack a fully functioning sales CRM.

Admin & Time Management



Evernote, as the name implies, is a note taking app which is available across desktop, tablet and mobile devices. Evernote allows for you to take notes, organise them how you like, and even share them to who you need. Evernote lets you, “Enhance your notes with links, checklists, tables, attachments, and audio recordings. Even handwritten notes are searchable.”

Use it to…

Take notes during sales calls. Use the web clipper to clip articles pertaining to your prospects to read later. Store scripts or documents you might need to access on the fly away from your desk.

Forest App


Forest App is a great tool for managing time and keeping on track during your day leveraging the famous Pomodoro principle. To start, you open the app and begin to grow a tree, you have 25 minutes where this tree will grow and if you leave the app it will die. This tree symbolises a Pomodoro, which is a 25 minute cycle of work which is known to increase productivity. Not only does it track your single tree, it tracks your forest of trees so that you can visualise all the productive time you’ve had. As you earn points for growing your forest, the company will even plant a real tree for your hard work.

Use it to…

Increase your focus and ensure activities get done faster by preventing multi-tasking.



Calendly is an easy to use scheduling software that is fully integratable with Google, Office365 and Outlook. It allows you to set your availability,  share the link and let colleagues, clients, etc.  pick a time for the event, which it then automatically adds to your calendar. Calendly will also automatically check to make sure that you have no clashes throughout your day.

Use it to…

Avoid the email back and forth over meeting times and easily manage your calendar by letting colleagues and clients see your availability and book a time that suits both of you.



Zapier is a software tool that allows you to connect apps to one another and automate workflows. It moves information/documents between apps automatically, create blueprints in the form of ‘Zaps’ and share this with your team.

Use it too...

Automate tasks which are manual and time intensive so you can use your time on more productive tasks.

Sales CRM

Hubspot CRM & Hubspot Sales


Hubspot CRM is an easy to use, simple CRM solution that easily integrates, without significant change to your existing workflow. With its simple dashboard, Hubspot CRM allows you to track and assign deals, track performance and organise communications between you and prospects.

Use it to…

Get a fully functioning sales CRM system out of the box and reduce manual data entry by using Hubspot to manage all sales and CRM communication.

Salesforce CRM


Salesforce CRM is part of the Salesforce cloud. It allows you to track customer information, interactions and focus on information based selling. It is also available on mobile, giving you full time access and flexibility. It is one of the leaders in this space, and for good reason, it is extremely robust and highly customisable.

Use it to…

Customise the platform to your suit your business, managing prospects through to sales and beyond.



Close is an inside sales CRM which allows you to connect all communication in one place, with in-built SMS, calling and emailing. It also is integratable with other commonly used tools.

Use it to…

Ideal for startups and small to medium businesses, increase sales productivity by streamlining all sales communication in one place.



Pipedrive is a simple, yet effective, CRM and pipeline management tool. Pipedrive is intuitive in the way that it works, and being process oriented, feels natural to most.

Use it to…

Get focused on activity based selling, with alerts and integrations to help you keep on top of daily tasks to make sure deals get closed.

Social Media & Content Syndication



Buffer is a web based social media automation app. Buffer allows you to queue and curate content.It is extremely simple and intuitive to use and is integratable with the major social media sites.

Use it to…

Schedule content sharing across all your social platforms and see which posts resonate with your followers.



Drumup is is a social media management site that allows you to curate and queue posts for your social media accounts. Drumup automatically scans the web for content for you to post based on keywords you entered, and learns based on what you post.

Use it to…

Save yourself time on looking for good content to share with you industry on LinkedIn and instead let Drum Up do the work for you.



AgoraPulse is a social media management software that allows for you to queue and curate to most major social media sites. It has some great features like; messages in a single inbox, ability to tag people in posts, and, great analysis and reporting.

Use it to…

Manage your social platforms from a single place, collaborate with team members on your social accounts.



Buzzsumo is a web based software which lets you search and find the most shared articles. It is also a great tool for finding backlink opportunities.

Use it to…

Identify trending content in your industry as well as the influencers who shared them.




Lusha is a Chrome plugin that automatically finds contact details of potential leads while you’re viewing profiles on social networks such as LinkedIn, saving you the work of hunting for these yourself.

Use it to…

Get hidden contact details such as email or phone numbers, from people outside your network on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator


LinkedIn Sales Navigator is an indispensable tool for selling, designed to grow pipelines and increase close rates by helping sales professionals target, understand and engage their prospects. By learning from your network and parameters you set, Sales Navigator allows you to see potential prospects, interact with them, and turn them into leads.

Use it to…

Identify the right people in an organisation to speak with and reach out to them via LinkedIn even if they are outside your network.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Chrome Extension


The LinkedIn Sales Navigator Chrome plugin is a free extension which integrate with gmail allowing you to see LinkedIn details of people in your email contact list. You do not require the paid LinkedIn Sales Navigator tool to download the free chrome extension and still surface insights about your LinkedIn connections within your inbox.

Use it to…

Save time by seeing useful insights about your Gmail contact when you email them, no more flicking over to LinkedIn to double check their title or company.



Datafox searches databases for companies that are most likely to respond positively to you using AI and data science. This allows you to target the right people and advance them through your sales pipeline faster. You can set up signals on target companies and with the Salesforce integration have the lead scores visible directly in Salesforce.

Use it to…

Get smarter about how you arrange your sales territories and how you prioritise prospects and leads.



Dux-Soup is a chrome extension that automatically logs the information of people who visit your LinkedIn profile, and of those you visit. Dux-Soup automates this process and can literally generate leads while you sleep. It then allows you to download all this information into a spreadsheet.

Use it to…

Pull the contact details and profile information for a LinkedIn search query into a spreadsheet without having to manually click through each profile.

Google Alerts


Allows you to search and track when mentions of certain keywords appear on the web, for example company names in the news.

Use it to…

Track news and announcements relating to customers and prospects so you’re informed ahead of conversations and use the information to help you identify opportunities or close deals.




Lynda is an online education company that gives you the chance to further your skills. It utilises video lessons from industry leaders and professional, giving you the chance to learn from the best.

Use it to…

With 88 courses in Marketing & Sales and 749 courses in Business & Professional Development there’s sure to be something on there to help you.



Udemy is an online learning platform that allows you to complete courses in various professions. Running from beginner to advanced levels, Udemy is great for any level of sales person to learn something new.

Use it to…

Select individual courses on specific skills or topics, from B2B cold emailing to BD for startups.

A Sales Guy U


A Sales Guy is a leading sales and recruiting consultancy business. Their website has a very useful blog and A Sales Guy U section packed with useful sales resources and ebooks, all for free.

Use it to…

Access free tools, downloads and advice to help improve yours and your team's performance.

There are many ways to optimise the effectiveness and productivity of your sales team and this list should provide a great start.

Ultimately the most important thing you can do to run an effective sales team is attract and hire the right people. Motivated and productive people will use everything at their disposal to be successful. To understand what top sales people are looking for in their next role click here. Or if you are looking to grow your team contact us for a confidential discussion.