Sales CV Tips and Templates

Finding a new job is always daunting but writing your Sales CV shouldn’t be.

Here at Denovo, we want to make all aspects of your job search as easy as possible - starting with your CV. With our expertise and industry knowledge we have put together a Sales CV Template to make sure you stand out.

The first thing to remember when writing your Sales CV is to make sure it’s tailored to the role. Read the job description carefully and ensure your CV highlights your key skills and achievements needed for the role.

The layout of your Sales CV is vital you need to make sure you sell yourself early on. Having a key skills section at the start of your CV will work as a great snip it for the employer. Remember this will most likely be the first thing the employer looks at so make sure you list your strongest and most valued skills.

When listing your experience in your Sales CV, make sure you highlight your;

  • KPI’s
  • Targets/Budgets – Percentage achievement against those targets
  • Stand out achievements whilst in that role, whether it be a project you oversaw or a significantly high achieving month/quarter/year
  • Sales Awards achieved
  • Team achievements

You never know when you’ll next need a CV, so it helps to continuously update it. Keep track of your achievements, new skills and successes! We hope you find this CV Template valuable.

If you would like us to take a look, feel free to get in touch.