5 Tips To Get You Noticed By A Tech Giant

Standout LinkedIn Profile

Perhaps more than any other industry, today’s tech giants will be looking at your social media presence, particularly your LinkedIn Profile. Make sure that your profile is complete, including:

  • A summary of who you are, why any employer should want you, what general skills you have, and what you’re passionate about.

  • Relevant work history, with a summary of your position, responsibility, skills used, and skills learnt.

  • A professional photo! This is the first thing people look at when they view your profile, and is key component of your branding.

  • References from past & present managers, clients, and executives.

Make sure that your other social media profiles are either on private, or suitable for viewing by potential employees, because they will be looking, and that photo of you on a boat chugging a beer out of a shoe is not going to impress them.


Position Longevity

You need to provide a snapshot of your relevant career history, including the role that got you into the tech industry to begin with. You also need to show that you’re not a job hopper, because these companies are not going to invest time in you if they don’t think they’re going to get a return on their investment. Similarly, if there are long gaps in your career history, provide a solid reason, even if that reason is travelling or studying, to at least show that you were not simply unemployed or lazy.


Be Passionate

Show that you love the industry, that you’re invested in the industry, that you know the industry. No one wants an employee that treats their career with semi-interest or with a laissez-fair attitude, and tech companies have a pool of talent to choose from, so stand out. Show that you are willing to go above and beyond for your career, and for your company, and you will grab their attention.

Remember to engage with relevant companies, blogs, posts, and important people within the industry – this way you will be up to date on industry news and personalities.


Have a Personality

Again, tech companies generally have a large talent pool to choose from, so you need to stand out! Don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through and share what interests you, drives you, and motivates you. Be interesting and engaging, and ensure that you’re listening during any interviews, phone conversations etc. Communication is of the upmost importance, so active listening and engagement goes a long way!


It's Who You Know

It’s not necessarily about the number of connections that you have, but who you have connected with. Make sure that you’re making connections that matter, that are relevant to your industry, and that will show how engaged you are. Connect with industry leaders and evangelists, and then see who they’re connected with, and take note of anyone that you should also connect and engage with.