Top 5 Tips for Building a Strong Team

1. Think Value

The first question a business owner should ask themselves and their employee, is: “what value do you bring to my company?”. The answer should focus on an action plan that the employee preferably drives on their own. What idea do they have to generate business for your company? How will they implement those ideas? What goals will they set for themselves and your company?


2. Take your time

One of the most common team building mistakes is hiring out of desperation. A valued employee may have moved on, or perhaps they didn’t work out, and that happens in business. However, you shouldn’t rush to replace that employee to fill a short term need. Instead, you need to think long term and talk to at least 10 appropriate candidates before making a decision. Ask trusted business associates or employees for their opinion on the candidates. Team building is a long range process, and should never be rushed.

3. Create objectives

Make sure you have an idea of what your team will be doing, how they will do it, and how they will succeed. Ask yourself questions such as: what skills am I looking for? What personalities do I want? How will they mesh on your perfect team?

4. Think Diversity

Diversity should always trump consistency. Each member of your team should bring a different set of skills to the table and have something different to offer. Bringing five team members who all excel in marketing or technology will lead to an unimaginative and unbalanced team. Outline your team needs, focus on what each team member is expected to do, and fill those positions accordingly.


5. Acknowledge reward celebrate

People love recognition but are most appreciative of respect. Take the time to give your team the proper accolades they have earned and deserve. Too many leaders take performance for granted because they don’t believe that one should be rewarded for doing their job. People want to feel as though they’re making a difference, so be a thoughtful leader and reassure your team that you are paying attention to their efforts.

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