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Our recruitment services save you time and money. As your collaborative partner, we get to know your company, your goals, your gaps & your culture. 

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Valuable Relationships

Every one of our client relationships is special to us. 88% say that communication was the main driver of their recruitment collaboration with us. 

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Expert Matchmakers

Since 2011, we have a 71% assignment versus placement rate. 

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Phenomenal Talent

Our talent pool is growing by 12% on a monthly basis. Don’t let the best people slip through your fingers.

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Guaranteed Satisfaction

3 month-replacement guaranteed and strong follow-up process ensuring everyone is 100% happy.


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Work at Denovo

Recruiting is a tough gig. That’s why the people around you matter so much! Denovo Recruitment has an amazing team of fellow recruiters that will support you and managers that will help you when the cards are facing down. Fantastic salary and commission packages, staff incentives and challenges, social events,
free breakfast and yoga are just a few aspects of our vibrant culture that makes our sales recruitment agency unique and a thrill to work for. 

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People like us because...

  • The overall professionalism and care was absolutely amazing, I am 43 and in my time have never felt so looked after and prepared for an interview. I have had many bad experiences with recruitment agents in the past. Jonathan looked after from the first call till we both celebrated when I got the job of my dreams.

    Mathew Hambrook

    Business Solutions Consultant, NSW Business Chamber

  • Jaryd has sought to understand the business requirement and has found candidates that can not only fulfill the role, but also bring new ideas and inspiration.

    Alex Doidge

    General Manager Sales & Marketing at EDA

  • Seth was persistent and helpful throughout the process of my new job search last year. He would contact me almost daily with updates and kept me informed throughout the whole recruitment process. I would recommend Denovo to any business owner or individual.

    Shayna Rose-Braune

    National Sales Manager at Interstudio

  • Jonathan conducted himself in a very professional manner and kept me thoroughly informed via frequent phone calls throughout the recruitment process. He was always positive and continually strived to find the best fit candidates for the role.

    Eva Dixon

    General Manager Sales & Digital at Architecture Media

  • Kaydn's response time was second to none and he was out at our premises within an hour of our first phone call. He got to know the business and what we truly needed to fill the gap we had. From there it was seamless and we filled the position quickly with someone we think will be with us through the growth of our business.


    Urban Winery Sydney

  • James was amazing and very knowledgeable in the entire process. He walked me through every step of achieving my goals. I really enjoyed working with him and everything was effortless.

    Juanita Marlowe

    Business Development Manager - Export Street Furniture

  • James & Denovo Notting Hill are awesome! They got me a job within 48 hours!

    Debbie Gritton

    Project Manager, Raeco

  • To be completely honest I wasn't originally planning to seek external help for the recruitment of our new Head of Partnerships at Sport Heroes Group. However, after getting a very good vibe from the guys at Denovo sports Recruitment and seeing the quality of candidates they were bringing to the table, I am really happy I did use their services.

    Michel Piróg

    Managing Director, Sport Heroes Group

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